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It's a Secret to Everybody

So I dressed like this for a local Boo at the Zoo Halloween event with thousands of people passing by asking for candy - and only four recognized the costume. Good thing my other costume went over better.


The wife told me to dress up as Link for Halloween, and while I normally prefer just to make up my own costume, the idea of dressing up as something specific again sounded cool. Unfortunately, I'm just too hairy to be Link. She opted to be Link instead, and I decided to be the coolest bearded character in the Zelda games: the wise old man who gives him his first sword.

With no one recognizing me, I decided to dig into my box of costumes and put something else together.

It's just a general mishmash of spooky things, tied together with a disembodied head and some over-sized hands. I try not to scare the little kids, just give them something to wonder about. Most kids are freaked out, but more excited than anything else, trying to figure out how it's done. When they get too scared, I act sheepish, covering my face till they relax.


One little girl saw me from the street, saw the candies past me, and decided the candies were worth facing her fear. She yelled, "¡Tengo miedo! ¡Tengo miedo! ¡Tengo miedo! ¡Tengo miedo! ¡Tengo miedo! ¡Tengo miedo! ¡Tengo miedo!" all the way from the street to the candy and back to the street.

Another little boy, dressed as a Ghostbuster, knew just what to do.


He readied his proton pack and yelled, "I ain't afraid of no ghost!"

Damn, good to see the next generation of geeks are ready to go.

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