Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I want you all to do a little experiment with the upcoming Christmas shopping you are likely to do. Go to the mall. Wait, wait. I know, this time of year that's insane. Here's why I'm making the suggestion though. Pay attention to the parking lot. I mean really pay attention to it. Notice anything?

Yeah, you do. It'll take you a moment to realize it. Watch how the people in their vehicles cruise around. They'll pass a number of open spots and not even slow down. Why? Because they're "too far away". Keep watching though. They'll cruise circles around the lot over and over and over, the moment someone appears to be walking out and towards their car in a close spot though you'll see a frenzy. Suddenly a car or two will pick up speed, turning quickly in the hopes of making a kill/claiming the spot.


It's like watching sharks just cruise around in the ocean until they spot a likely meal. Calm. Calm. Swift burst of speed. STRIKE!

I'm hoping to document this activity for posterity soon. I suggest we make a game of it. Who can capture the most successes/fails by these vehicular sharks.

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