Tomorrow we’ll have ChronoguardRebel answering questions on the life of burlesque and circus performers! But wait, there’s more! If you think of a question now we’ll throw in another AMA on Saturday! Nadiact1000 will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about music theory and music! Still not enough? What if I told you you could have TWO more AMAs on Sunday? That’s right, these AMAs are so good we’ll double the number of AMAs for no extra charge! Arpad Okay comes in first with positive psychology and mysticism followed by Gretnablue letting you in on the secrets of fan fiction and original script writing!

That’s four, count them, FOUR AMAs for the ridiculously low price of the time you have to spend reading them!

*Also, Morpheuse, if you see this could you go back to the spreadsheet and enter the date for your AMA? Thanks.