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We need an Open Thread around these parts. Since this is Election Day, i figured it would be fun to see we in the USA compare in government to other races from our favorite sci-fi shows and films. Of course since this is an Open Thread, discuss whatever else you want.

Romulan Star Empire- A Roman style Republic with a Senate led by a Preator. However, everyone knows that it’s the Tal Shiar, the secret police, who are the real power in charge of Romulas


Klingon Empire- An Imperial government with an Emperor as head of state. By the time of TNG, the positon has become ceremonial and the real power is in the High Council. The Council has a history of in-fighting and assassinations are common, which led to Starfleet being called in to monitor the transition of power to Chancellor Gowron.

Centauri Republic- A waning power, where a man like Trump could really thrive. They want to be great again and be the lion of the universe. Unless you are a noble,life kind of sucks.


Dominion- Don’t ask any questions and obey the Founders. That’s all you need to know if you live here.


Cardassian Union- While the Detapa Council was the public government of Cardassia Prime, the real power was with the Central Command, who led the milliatary and the Obsidian Order, the spymasters and secret police, said to be more ruthless than the Tal Shiar.


Anyway, these are just a few I thought off. Feel free to add your own examples, and just remember that, even if things seem bad here in the USA, remember we don’t have the Obsidian Order or aliens made of goo that can turn into anything and are undetable watching our daily lives. Jusy

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