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Ash Ketchum has been a part of my life now for more years than I care to remember. His Pokémon adventure began one day when he got up late and got stuck with lovingly chose that little electric rat we all know as Pikachu. I’ve been with him on his journey ever since, and frankly, I hope it never ends!

In celebration of today, let’s relive our favorite Ash Ketchum moments! Actually, let’s make this a great day for any of your treasured Pokémon cartoon/game stories!!


Recently, Kotaku did a before and after about how much Ash has changed over the years, and there was even a new Pikachu game was announced, so clearly, today is right for a celebration of all things Pokémon!

A few of my favorite Poké-things:

Remember the heartbreak of the clone fight in the first Pokémon movie? I know I do:

*wipes tear*

OK, well, maybe something more uplifting... OH I know! Poké-memes!



Well, anyway, bring on your favorite Poké-memories to share with the class and let’s all remember the joy and laughter that Ash has brought to the world!

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