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It's Been a Full Week Now, So How's Everyone Doing? Open Thread

Considering that by this time last week, everyone knew the election outcome, I thought I’d create an open thread space for people to talk about how they’re doing. It only feels right. There have already been multiple posts from people on the topic, and I hope this gives everyone the chance to have a say in one place. Hate crimes have greatly increased in the last week across the country according to the Southern Poverty Law Center and many other sources. I hope no one here has been a victim, but I find such hopes to be just that: hopes. We have a fantastic community here filled with many fascinating people across a diverse spectrum, a community that quite frankly I haven’t seen in my life in any other forum (which is part of why I enjoy it and contributing to it when I can).

Since voting, I’ve only left my house once, due to a combination of disability reasons and just not wanting to be out there. For both reasons, I’ve barely left my bed, which isn’t very good. Eating has been difficult. Functioning at all has been difficult. But this is nothing like being attacked, finding racist graffiti in my neighborhood, or being verbally assaulted or threatened.


I can’t respond to everyone’s comments because I’m very weak and fatigued, but this is a communal place for people to touch base with each other, to tell their stories, and to hold back-and-forth conversations. I really don’t want to see any fighting/arguing in here; that’s not the point of this space. It’s for relating your own current life stories and mindsets in reflection of the currently incoming change in executive power and the social consequences that have arisen and are arising.

Everyone here ought to have the chance to be able to share their thoughts and experiences, without judgment and with empathy, simply because there clearly needs to be a place for people to do that here, to express themselves. I’m not going to pretend that there’s a direct link to science, science-fiction, or fantasy with this post beyond that everyone here is connected by those topics and head spaces. Being connected by those things in this time of incredible uncertainty for many of us is the raison d’être for the post. I believe having the chance to communicate with each other now in such a manner makes us stronger and obviates the possibility that these external events cause loss of communication and connection within the community here.

Side note: if you can’t help but go on a rant or write a screed, I must say that it’s unlikely to garner responses or initiate in-depth conversation (at least in my experience) compared to a just-as-clear-perspective written with a little more restraint in writing style.

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