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It's been a long time, been a long time...

I was just driving by a retirement community and they were having some kind of Autumn concert for all the old folks. I rolled down the window and heard the band playing Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin ;)

It is so weird to think of people in their late 60s listening to Zep but I am just in denial about time and aging. A good deal of these folks were in their 20s or early 30s when Zep was at the height of their powers. But even through the 80s, long after John Bonham died, they really defined and informed much of the hard rock sound all the way through the hair metal thing, so they were still very relevant to younger Gen X folks like myself for nearly a decade after the band was no more. Given Zep's influence on people like Jack White you could even extend this relevance beyond that point.


Still the juxtaposition of a retirement community and the Hammer of the Gods is very strange. My grandmother is almost 90 and she still watches Lawrence Welk. I always associate this as being the quintessential music for the aged. Given how all music becomes elderly given enough time, it is funny to imagine Mr. Welk on TV saying:

"Tank you. Tank you. Tank you. Aren't the falling leaves wonderful? And now to continue our celebration of Autumn and the Winter Wonderland soon to be on its way, Johnny P. Jones would like to play a song for you called No Quarter on his electric piano. Ah one, ah two, ah one, two, three, four..."

When Lawrence starts counting down Black Flag and Dead Kennedys songs I will know it is time to shuffle off to the home.

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