Sometime after Game of Thrones finished up, the spectacular young Last Week Tonight with John Oliver aired this segment on Net Neutrality:

Last Week Tonight: Preventing Cable Company Fuckery

I don't have much to add, but since it's all over my Facebook feed, and I haven't seen anyone talk about this show around here since the finale of the first episode, I figured it needed to be here.

And now, I guess I need to finally figure out how to articulate my feelings on Net Neutrality to pass on to the FCC while there's still a chance.

ETA: Apparently Kinja doesn't like embedding that video. Wonder if that's part of why I haven't seen it 'round these parts


ETA 2: Oh yeah, and if you don't like trying to copy URL's from videos or hunting through the video description, here's the link to go comment on Proceeding 14-28 Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet. Go join the 45,000+ people who've already voiced what, I assume is displeasure; I'm not going to read through them all to verify that assumption, even though I sincerely hope that that's someone at the FCC's job.