Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

An old friend of mine, who is extremely conservative, has been posting tons of stuff to Facebook filled with utter contempt for the Ice Bucket Challenge this week. Not because she's sick of the meme or anything, that would be understandable (if misguided), but for more... Stupid, reasons.

She keeps posting things like insanely misleading infographics, saying that ALS isn't worth donating to because it effects such a small percent of people, or that we need to stop wasting water on the ice bucket challenge, or (my favorite) that we need to stop doing things like "lighting ourselves on fire and dumping ice buckets on our heads" so that we can go protest... Something, in front of the white house. Or perhaps she just wants us to storm the president and overthrow our socialist emperor, I don't know.


I know I need to just stop engaging, but I can't stop. Every time I do, she comes up with an increasingly inane reason why the Ice Bucket Challenge is evil, including that no one is doing it because they actually care about ALS research, but instead because "we have turned into social slaves that do stuff just because." She also told me to picture a nightmarish hellscape where (GASP!) everyone is well educated about various charities, and donates (and does things like the Ice Bucket Challenge) for dozens of causes. I swear I'm not making that up.

And now today she posted an article on a website which is in some way affiliated with Alex Jones (yes, the truther) which seemed incredibly misleading, about how only 22% of ALS Challenge donations are "actually going to a search for a cure," and spinning it as though they were taking all the money for themselves, while the actual chart showed that only 7% of proceeds are going to "administration" at all.

I need to stop engaging, I just can't. It frustrates me that she's spreading this garbage, under the pretense of "just wanting to educate people on what they're really donating to." AGH.

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