.. sexy... sort of? Um... NSFW, of course (it's burlesque, people!)

As you may know, I work within the burlesque/sideshow community here in Philadelphia as a sound guy/DJ. I have been/will be fortunate enough to work with (or will work with) several of the members of the Peekaboo Revue this month (and been drinking with a few of them last weekend, too. WOOF!)

Also proud to know the host you see briefly at the start of the video (aka Scotula, who does a great 4th Doctor as well as a unique take on the Master, and I worked with him on a Who-themed event this summer...) as well as the costume designer (Miss Rose, who I worked with on a show this week!)

A few things to consider:

1) It's a Silent Hill themed burlesque piece. Freaky!

2) Good GOD these ladies are athletic. And I don't mean that in a totally 'gaaaawd they're haaaaawt' way... I meant it in a "holy hell how do they DO those moves' way.


3) The production value alone is brilliant, from the choreography to the live band to the lighting, etc.


So... ENJOY!