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It's either art or SPN with me, sometimes both

I stumbled onto this artist's deviantArt gallery through another picture—AnnemiekedW has a brilliant Catherine Deneuve with miraculous hair (hair is a nemesis of mine, both in real life (which is why I have so little) and on paper (which is why I draw it so much)). This artist's control of the coloured pencil is masterful throughout the portrait—proportions, likeness, colour choices are all well balanced between photorealistic and evocative (a thing for me). There's enough evidence of media that I am in awe of the media, if that makes sense.

Look at those strands! Sheeit...


Here, back on genre topic:

And look!


And now I see that she's an admin of a ballpoint pen group—I've been binging on rollerballs recently, but during my one month challenge the only deviation I took from that norm was to ballpoint pen. And, in fact, I think I will be back with a genre/medium post on that very same topic later...

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