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Its go time!

Wanted to post this Friday, but was way to tired.

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The gauntlet has been thrown. Be warned, there be Spoilers! ahead.

For anyone who is not aware what is going on, the woman with the magical demon punching arm is a Goddessling (lesser god who is a child of two gods), named Dunuloa. She makes magical trinkets of power. The other woman in Friday's strip is Gwynn (of the regular Sluggy cast) trapped back in time, and the body of Queen Siphaniana.


Gwynn has magic abilities, all thanks to a pesky bug infestation. In the period of time where this is all going down, only the Gods have magic. The reason for this being, magic allows the Destroyer to do his thing.

I can't wait to see what Dunuloa plans to do to the Queen. I also can't wait to see Gwynn pwn the goddess.

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