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It's Impossible

This isn’t a very long post, so I apologize in advance. I’ll put in enough that I don’t think it’s just a stub. (Edit: Actually, it ended up being pretty long. Go figure.)

The following article (linked) has been posted to Sploid (Gizmodo’s sub blog) by Casey Chan, one of their paid authors. He seems to be amazed by the construction of some sort of tunnel, using some neat machinery:


Only, it’s not the machine he’s impressed with. Rather, it’s the voodoo-like magic that seems to be holding the tunnel’s bricks in place, thwarting the laws of gravity. Yes, it appears that Casey Chan does not know what an “arch” is, nor how it works.

The article may end up getting more clicks and replies than any other Sploid article in history as everyone who reads it (including me) just has to post their own comment, along the lines of, “Duh, it’s an arch.” I also inserted a link to the Wikipedia page about arches, but others have provided many examples of ancient arches. My favorite comment, so far, is a meme from Life of Brian saying, simply, “What have the Romans ever done for us?”

So, a question: Is this the end? Or the beginning of the end of scientific “who gives a shit” editing on our once beloved site? Clearly, no editor saw this, or, at least read it, or even bothered to care what was being published. Heavy sigh.

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