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It's in the bag!

If you’re ancient, like me, ‘round these hur parts, you’ll remember Captain Max & Jinx. Of course you do! Well, he runs an RPG site called The Worst DM, and there is a new craft project for everyone to try out.

I have written my second RPG nerd craft post (called Craft & Dragons) for him. This time, I drafted a pattern and wrote instructions for a highly functional dice bag. It’s geared towards beginning sewers with little to no experience. It’s a great gift option for that die tossing bud you have, or it would even make a great gift bag for that special someone you’ve kissed under the mistletoe... or maybe fed mistletoe to.


I mean, I have no idea what you’ve done either under, over or because of mistletoe. Your daily mistletoe activities are your business; who am I to judge?

Anyhoo, let me know if you have any questions or need any sewing advice.

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