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It's like this, but sort of like that, with a little bit of those

I've been meaning to pose this question for a while now (but always forget). Last night Irae Nicole posted a Cab Calloway video and reminded me, then this morning I actually remembered.

What are some interesting ways that you've described unique, eclectic works? I've always thought that if Ray Bradbury and Gabriel Garcia Marquez had co-invented cyberpunk they would have written Desolation Road instead of Ian McDonald and Florence + the Machine sounds like Annie Lennox got together with Peter Gabriel to write songs for Sarah MacLachlan. Which brings me to the Cab Calloway part of the post. (This one is a little obscure, but I think you can handle it.) If Bare Naked Ladies wrote songs for Cab Calloway's (hypothetical) klezmer band you would get the music of Squirrel Nut Zippers.


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