It’s the Last Friday Open Thread of 2016 and all I can say is thank fuck for that.

This week it’s fair to say has been a fairly shit one, seeing the deaths of stars including George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds as well as many more in the days following Christmas. Clearly this year of endless shit wants to have one final surprise and it’s been a fucking grim one and it only looks to get worse in 2017. Who wants to put money on the Queen going next and then Charles living another 30 years.

To distract myself from this I’ve largely been watching Futurama from the start again which is always fun and also I’ve been playing through the Uncharted games which have been a fun 60s/70s adventure and very distracting from the crap of the week, even if the boss fights are terrible.

This weekend I plan on drinking quite a bit and also watching Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe to send out this shit year.


So what are you plans for the New Year? Anything that’s really pissed you off especially this year (that wasn’t the election)? As usual answer that or anything you want below.