Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Perhaps it's the filter of memory, but... the new Cosmos is rapidly becoming very disappointing.

As I remember it, Carl Sagan took us on an adventure of discovery. We drifted across the cosmos in our dandelion spaceship and explored the edges of science—the mysteries and wonders that lay at the boundaries of what we know.

DeGrasse? He's walking us through middle-school science class. This is what you give a substitute teacher when you call in sick (trust me; I used to be a substitute teacher).


The old Cosmos inspired, the new Cosmos just "explains".

I don't want to know the history of the prism. Nobody does. That's like... day 2 of 7th-grade science class. It's about as inspiring as the leftovers in my fridge. I understand that all these people did great things for science, but... If I wanted a history course, I'd... well... sign up for a history course.

Prof. DeGrasse: Stop being a teacher!

Carl Sagan didn't teach us, he inspired us. He didn't spend all his time talking about history, he showed us the future.


And... for the love of God... walk down to the Theatre Dept. and ask one of your colleagues there to coach you on presentation. You have the vocal range of a sloth. Seriously: You're putting me to sleep. It's a great voice for reading bedtime stories to children, but terrible for inspiring people to explore the universe—unless "the universe" consists of a comfy quilt and a teddy bear.

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