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I only took a half-day off work so I'm stuck here until noon-ish. And our system is down so we have to do everything manually. So, to keep myself amused, have some pictures of my recent purchases and confirm that I made good decisions:

Classic Coupe Glasses with Silver Rim


For use with champers, obviously. However, I know to think ahead and realize that I will inevitably spill everything all over myself after I have a few glasses. So, I also got this:

Swirl Goblet - Peacock Blue

I am less likely to smash these with my hulk grip.

HBC Olympic Mittens



HBC Olympic Hoodies - Baby



Formal Cape in Charcoal


For when I drink champagne from my coupe glasses because I'm cosplaying as Katherine Hepburn in A Philadelphia Story.


KOBO EReader


I've been wanting one of these for ages. I really hope this will minimize my late fees from the library. I'M SORRY IT TAKES SO LONG FOR ME TO READ, TORONTO LIBRARY SYSTEM. SOMETIMES I NEED MORE THAN THREE WEEKS.


So I like to complain about Black Friday coming to Canada (unless we get a second Thanksgiving, I don't want Black Friday) except I jut took advantage of online BF deals. Sigh. But did you see those mittens???

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