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It's Rumored That Gerard Way To Be Showrunner For Vertigo Comics. And some thoughts on the matter.

Put out by Bleeding Cool, it’s a rumor which brings rock star(?) Gerard Way to the imprint as “showrunner”. I wasn’t aware there’s such a thing in comics, but there you go. Way is the creator of the comics Umbrella Academy and The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Let’s face it: Vertigo, the imprint of DC Comics, which publishes alternative /non-superhero content has been struggling in the industry for some time.


In the 90s, Vertigo brought a quality of stories and was a direct antithesis to the superhero saturation in mainstream comics.The surprise success of comics like , The Doom Patrol and Animal Man written by one Grant Morrison, and of course, The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, gave then Executive Editor at DC Karen Berger the brain-child to bring more like-minded material into one publishing house.Thus, the Vertigo imprint was born. Under it’s banner, Preacher, Swamp Thing, and other great titles lived and breathed.

But somewhere along the way, Vertigo lost that race.

I have never heard nor read anyone at Image admit, but I believe they saw what had been started and made the decision to build upon that same idea. Image moved away from superhero/ team of super soldiers type of content and instead publish alternative comics style of stories. And consequently, many of the creators who thrived at Vertigo for years moved to Image and/or other publications for the simple reason of having complete creative control and ownership of their work. The latter is something not available to creators at Vertigo.


Like with anything, if you’re not able to hold people’s attention, they will move on to the next hot thing.

The last book that managed to sustain a consistent readership was Fables and with that gone now Vertigo cannot catch a break no matter what they do. It’s sad really since they had a gift for putting out a great wealth of weird stories. I’ve read positive reviews of recent titles like Unfollow, The Sheriff of Babylon, and Clean Room by Gail Simone, but there is no ongoing series to have any recognizable level of success to match a title like Lucifer. In addition, I’ve been reading the recent run of the same book by writer Holly Black and artist Lee Garbett and I have to say that after 3 issues the story falls flat with it’s injection of dark humor in the quest to find God’s killer.


Which brings us to the rumor. If true, is very obvious move to spark interest in the slogging imprint. Some of you may recognize the name Gerard Way. He is the singer/song writer of the band My Chemical Romance. And though I’m not a fan I do recognize he has a fan base the likes of which could bring asses to the seats of Vertigo’s theater... Potentially. I’m all for it. Plus, the long dormant Doom Patrol story he and artist Becky Cloonan have shelved somewhere could be finally completed.

It bares repeating, this is just a rumor though one with some validity if you check out the link. Also, this article did come out on April 1, but Bleeding Cool has not removed the piece from the website or admitted to it being a hoax. DC and Vertigo have neither confirmed nor denied the rumor.


Vertigo needs to do something that’s for fucking sure.


A personal note: I have many fond memories reading Vertigo comics. Mike Carey and Peter Gross and other guest artists told such a grand story in Lucifer. The story is about the Morning Star’s last rebellious stand against his Father by trying to find a way out of his fate. Two things about this comic that must be said:

1) There is none of the typical “Hail Satan” or “I worship the devil because I read this comic” one might expect from such a title.


2) What really goes understated is the wonderful fantasy aspect to the story which can be found throughout and rivals any other fantasy story not just in comics, but any other medium.


And in more recent times, there was the big ideas comic Air by artist M.K. Perker and a little known writer G. Willow Wilson who is also co-creator of Ms. Marvel from Marvel Comics. Be a better friend to yourself and give Air a chance.

“You tasted like the sky. Another sky.”

I wish I had come up with that.

Maybe, it’s the nostalgicist(my word) in me, but who wouldn’t like to see Vertigo restored to its former glory? AmIright?!?!

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