Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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It's time for The Oswald Cobblepot Show. What wacky shenanigans will he get up to this week? Find out as I live-post my thoughts while watching

  • Bruce-chan is a horrible actor.
  • Hmm, a random drug dispensing guy in a wrinkled coat. Roland Daggett?
  • "Inhale me". Nice. Proto Clayface?
  • Omg, Zeus!? That's one of the best TAS episodes ever. Don't fuck it up, Gotham.
  • Oh hai, Selina.
  • Lol, Zeus's running. Yeah, they fucked it up.
  • Yes! Fish Mooney slapping whiny bitches who can't sing.
  • Wow, Russian mob guy. Want some ketchup with your scenery?
  • Mooney's earrings look like black and gold peacocks today. Want!
  • Monster of the Week Guy went crunchy critter. Gross.
  • During this pointless Bruce-chan scene it occurs to me I'm watching Gotham for the same reasons I watched Birds of Prey.
  • Can Nygma look any more the stereotypical nerd?
  • Penguin, why isn't this your shoooowwwwww??!!
  • Who are these guys, the DA brigade? Nope, corporate types.
  • I don't recognize Stan Patalski's name. Is he made-up or cannon?
  • Now why did Ozzie go and do a dumb thing like blah his life story to Meroni?
  • Commercial Break!
Illustration for article titled My Gotham ep. 5 Musings

  • I love this whole Meroni/Gordon/Ozzie scene.
  • What is Mooney training Bad Singer Girl for exactly?
  • I'm starting to think today's baddie Stan supposed to be the Scarecrow. But his name is not Jonathan Crane. Crane? I'm smelling a Sleepy Hollow crossover.
  • Viper? Is that like Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake?
  • Wait, did Old Guy just say Venom was responsible for the plot of Jacob's Ladder? That's the stuff Bane uses.
  • Oh noes, Bruce-chan is in danger! Those purple flowers will save him somehow.
  • I like how Bullock is done with this shit so fast he already has a flask in his hand as he walks away from the crime scene.
  • Is there only that one room in all of Wayne Manor?
  • There ain't no honeypot like the Oedipal honeypot.
  • Next week: Cobalt Claw throws a Saw-themed Halloween party.

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