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It's tough being a man in a woman's world

I know this isn't totally O-deck on-topic, but I thought this was a really well-made video that encapsulates all the shitty things about being a woman in a male-dominated work world.

At the beginning, I sort of rolled my eyes at the trope of gender-switched roles. Men in women's clothing to try and understand what it's like to be women? Great, bring on the shitty, not-really-getting-it jokes (their previous videos have been more comedic). But as it went on, I realized it wasn't going to be a caricature, and that the main actor did an amazing job of showing the struggles women have in the workplace (or men in their swapped universe). Taking on all the shitty jobs, and not willing to take credit for the good work you do cause you never feel good enough (damn imposter syndrome). The pressure to be "one of the bros" in order to fit in, and the fact that one of your perceived values is your looks.


One thing that did bother me is that I feel like the power dominant gender (men in ours, women in theirs) were a bit stereotypical and over the top. I wish they weren't reduced to crass, chest thumping oafs to make their point. On the other hand, while it's a bit much all together, all those behaviors and incidents are very much so things that happen in workplaces. And I'm sure for many women in certain sectors (finance and tech come to mind), this type of workplace behavior is a reality.

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