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Uxbridge Dictionary of Philosophy

A fortiori: There are at least 40 papers on this already

A posteriori: He is talking out of his arse

A priori: Someone already said that

Abstraction: Stretching stomach muscles

Accidental property: Windfall

Aesthetic: Pain-inducing

Argumentum ad baculum: Back-stabbing

B-theory of time: Time is honey

Bad company objection: 'That's what they say'


Causes of death of philosophers:

Abelard: Nun

Acton: Corrupt causes

Adler: Inferiority complex

Adorno: Bad frankfurter

Albert: Undermind

Altham: Logical pluracy

Althusser: Became history without a subject

Anaxagoras: Burned up

Anaximander: Infinite causes

Anaximenes: Evaporated

Anscombe: By intention

Anselm: Than which no deadlier can be conceived

Arendt: The human condition

Arnold: Drowned on Dover beach

Aquinas: Last causes

Aristotle: Excessive moderation

Armstrong: Indisposed

Arrow: Voted out

Audi: Durch Technik

Augustine: Hippo

Austin: Executionary act

Ayer: Unverifiable

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