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It'sa me - Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe!

The Rio Olympics 2016 were a regular Jock Event. As it is kinda to be expected when that many people come together to celebrate actually leaving the house and working out. Additionally to the normal stuff, you also got way too much sun and mosquitoes. (And as it was to be expected, American jocks took the gold medal in getting drunk and demolishing stuff again.)

The next Summer Games may be of a slightly different breed - after all they take place in the Capital of Nerds. The handing over of the torch (or flag, as it was) did show a glimpse of what may come, including robots, as well as manga and game characters.


What it surprisingly didn’t include was an appearance from the one anime that actually predicted the 2020 (Neo)Tokyo Olympics. (Unless you count Doraemon).

I except more Akira in the next 4 years....


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