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I've been watching Blake's 7 recently and I'm casting the reboot in my head.

To start with I want Benedict Cumberbatch as Avon, he'd be perfect and he kinda looks like (original actor) Paul Darrow.

And then I was pootling around youtube and I rediscovered the great short film from 2006 Blake's Junction 7 and guess who's playing Vila? None other than Martin bloody Freeman, and doing a brilliant job at it.


Cumberbatch and Freeman, back again in one of the greatest love/hate relationships in SF? I'l take it!

So who else should we cast? Who's going to be Blake? and Supreme Commander Servalan? (Mackenzie Crook, like in the video below?) And do we need Gan? or replace him with Dayna?

Here's Blake's Junction 7

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