Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

This small low budget New Zealand mockumentary just pushes all the right buttons. What could have easily turned into a cheap and silly spoof is a light-hearted, but still blood little comedy. The characters are more relatable than 90% of the living protagonists of Hollywood comedies. It helps that they are shaped after common vampire stereotypes from Nosferatu to Vlad the Poker. It remains bloody - especially when it shows that biting a human is not as easy as it looks, even after 300 years of experience.


I'm not generally a fan of mockumentaries and shaky cam, but it makes a whole of of sense in this case - if you stay till the end (Or - you know fast forward, in the probable case that you don't get the chance to see it in cinema) it even addresses one of the most glaring plot holes in so many of these - why the hell do we even get to see this - it's a documentary about vampires who try to remain secret...

If you only watch one New Zealand vampire comedy this year - make it this one. Because - you know....

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