Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I've fallen in love with Hawken...

This is such an fun game! Everyone gets their mechs and just starts blazing away at each other... this is mine! Bit weak up close and touch inaccurate at longer distances but i absolutely murder anyone mid-range...


So its Free-2-Play...which is surprisingly good in this case as you can still hold your own pretty well with the basic machines. You can earn blue credits, and they'll help you upgrade, unlock components, mech parts and weapons a bit faster.

Now the really, really clever part are the red credits. You have to spend real money on these and whilst you can use them to do all the above even quicker, if you want to add skins and even more purely visual upgrades, you'll need to lay down some cash.

Now frankly, i'd rather give up on the game rather than 'pay-2-win' I believe its called... but i'm kinda ashamed to say, I can see myself spending a small fortune on making my mechs pretty.

i'm so screwed. :p

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