Be careful where you pull out those formulas and numbers of yours, because the world has gone fraking crazy. University of Pennsylvania economics professor Guido Menzio has been pulled out of a plane because a fellow passenger noticed him scribbling suspicious symbols on a notepad. Those symbols: Greek letters and Arabic (gasp!) numbers. In short - the professor was doing maths. And we can’t have that! This is America, dammit! To be fair, the professor looks vaguely foreign and has a beard!

No - wait - that’s not fair. That makes it worse.

This comes not a month after an Arabic passenger was kicked out of a plane for - speaking Arabic. Oh, America. You know what - just vote for Trump. There are times when I think you deserve him. (It’s not that we don’t have our fair and increasing share of idiots over here, too, though.)

So remember kids: Don’t do maths. Note even once!