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I've just marathoned the whole first season of Arrow

And WOAH, that finale was intense! Spoilers under the cut.

Actually the whole show is pretty damn intense, especially towards the end.

I have to say I am a Marvel kind of girl so I know next to nothing about DC characters, but I really like this show. It's a little soap-opera~ish at times, but it works. Oliver is very much like Batman, but certainly much more human, and less bent on hate and revenge which I like.


And I was actually surprised at the ending - I can't remember the last time I've seen a show (or movie, for that matter) let the heroes fail quite so spectacularly and majorly. Oh, and then killed one of the main cast too, which I'm kinda mad about, because I liked Tommy.

The supporting cast is really what makes this show work, though - Paul Blackthorne, Alex Kingston, John Barrowman, Seth Gable and even Ben Browder!

Oh, and how awesome is Felicity? She's like the best thing about this show! Her style, her earrings, her unapologetic crush, her generall badass!

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