Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I've never felt so disconnected from the io9's commentariat...

...than on posts related to Agents of Shield. I liked both episodes so far, I found them hilarious and entertaining. I like the characters - all of them. I like the quips, the effects aren't bad at all for TV (nobody remembers New V or what?)

But when I come on the ODeck or the main page to discuss it, everyone is all "This show is horrendous, the characters are bland and annoying, I hope it gets cancelled, yada, yada"
So, I ask honestly: What the fuck is wrong with me? How comes I'm the only one who doesn't hate AoS. It's not the greatest show ever, but I like it, and the more I come here, the more I feel ashamed of that. Everyone was awaoting it with bathed breath, and now I seem to be the only giving it a chance.


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