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I've slept two hours...

That's going from Friday when I woke up at 5 AM to right now. Two hours. All weekend. (And I'm almost certain that one of those hours I wasn't asleep, I just put myself into a vegetative state staring at the wall but it was enough for my body to say "fuck it, I'll count that as sleep cause I'm running on empty right now".)

Which is why I thought it was hilarious that I saw the following article on Cracked: 5 Awful Side Effects of Insomnia.

And, just to piss off that one guy (assuming he's still around) who claims that since he can't stay up more than two days without suffering side effects no one else can either, for the official record the longest I have ever gone without ANY sleep at all is eight days. No naps, no micro-naps, nothing. Eight days straight without sleep. That was back in high school when I was 17, so a little over a decade ago. The shit I started seeing that last day though. Whoa.


Interesting read, so check it out if you haven't already.

In related news, one of my besties is moving away for a few months. So I probably won't sleep much tonight thanks to pondering that little tidbit of information and how much it's going to suck not having them around. (Since we've known each other half our lives and they're my oldest friend.)

Insomnia + natural inability to shut brain up + Daylight Savings Time = Today sucks.

In the majestic words of Drillpress, "Have a kitten!"

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