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I've started reading All-New X-Men

And I'm actually really enjoying an X-Men comic book. I don't know who I am any more.

That's harsh, I know, but for some reason the X-Men comics have never clicked with me. I've tried, and weirdly I've always enjoyed the adaptations from a distance (I think the original X-Men cartoon, Wolverine and the X-Men, and even X-Men Evolution are all really great series on their own merits, and I actually really like all the movies except The Last Stand, yes, even Wolverine), but for some reason I've never really been able to get into the actual comics. I've tried, mind you, I tried getting into Wolverine and the X-Men (the comic series) not long ago, and while it was fun seeing some of the X-Men I actually like taking center stage (DOWN WITH SCOTT SUMMERS AND JEAN GREY, LONG LIVE KITTY PRYDE AND BEAST), it was also a very confusing point to jump into. I tried getting into Astonishing X-Men for the Joss Whedon tie-in, but it didn't really hold my interest for long either (again, I blame a focus on the charisma black hole that is Cyclops).


And yet (thanks to free copies being given out by my awesome LCS on Free Comic Book Day) All-New X-Men has actually grabbed my interest, and I'm compelled enough to see what happens next. I'll be honest, I know this makes me sound like an awful fan boy, and I am, but I credit Brian Michael Bendis here, I know there's some folks out there who don't like him, but to me he's become the Joss Whedon of comic books (funny enough, Joss Whedon definitely has not earned that title), and his sense of compelling storytelling, unique twists on familiar formulas, and just enough snark to appeal to my sensibilities has grabbed me here just as it did with Ultimate Spider-Man (and do note, while none of the other writers of the Ultimate universe seem to know what to do with it, anything I've read by Bendis set in that world has ranged from decent to terrific).

I dunno, the man out of time stuff is typically overdone, but while there is a little of it at the point I've gotten to (issue... 7? maybe?) the focus seems to be much more heavily on Scott specifically seeing what he's become, and it's actually really compelling... Which is something I don't know that I've ever said about Cyclops before (I KNOW PEOPLE LIKE THE CHARACTER, BUT THEY'RE WRONG). The contrast between the young, uncompromising Scott Summers, and the older, beaten down Scott Summers is a really interesting one, and I like how they're focusing on each Scott's reaction to seeing the other ones. Plus, the man out of time stuff they have done seems competent so far.

The core conceit of the series being that the original X-Men are brought to the present makes it a surprisingly good jumping on point, too, since any ideas about the X-Men series I wasn't familiar with which have been important to the plot so far have been outright explained to them, and therefore explained to me.

So yeah, I might finally have the jumping on point to the series I've been looking for. No real other point to this post, just thought I'd share some thoughts. (And, yes, I understand a lot of people really really like the X-Men, and I really like a lot of the ideas surrounding the X-Men, so I'm not writing this just to bash them, I've just always felt that the comics themselves were pretty impenetrable, so I'm excited to have finally found the jumping on point I've been looking for).

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