Here’s a brief recap of iZombie, starting with where we last left off.

Major narrowly escaped being caught as the Chaos Killer, who the police think is kidnapping/killing rich people but that’s just a coincidence because the real reason is they’re zombies. But he had to give up Minor.

Peyton found out her informant on Mr. Boss, known as John Deaux, was actually Blaine, the former Zombie who turned Liv and killed a bunch of troubled teens. But she found out after she slept with him.

Liv is seeing a zombie who secretly works for Blaine as a double agent spying on Mr. Boss so Blaine can get the info he’s been giving to Peyton.

Here’s a promo for last night’s episode, and then spoilers after the break.

Here’s the bullet points of what happened in this episode (but without actual bullet points, I don’t like those on Kinja).


Liv hasn’t had any brains in a while, and the latest case Clive calls for her help on isn’t going to change that. 3 bodies, all with their heads cut off.

Liv eats the brains of a woman who was hit by a bus she didn’t see because she was busy texting or tweeting while walking. This turns Liv into a selfie taking, unboxing video uploading, social media addict.



She also starts taking selfies with her food, made up to look like sushi. And later with Petyon, luckily not getting her work board with all the Mr. Boss stuff in it.


Speaking of Peyton, she turns to drinking with Ravi to get over having slept with Blaine, and sadly for Ravi, he guessed correctly that she would drink him under the table much like that scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark that he references, because he’s Ravi and he’s awesome. Ravi spends most of the week hung over.

Peyton also confronts Blaine, with Liv by her side, and then decides to resign because she got involved with her informant. But when she doesn’t hear back from the DA she goes to his home to check and finds evidence he’s been taken by the Chaos Killer.


Except it was just made to look that way. It was actually 3 of Mr. Boss’ goons, one of them his own nephew, who were sent to either scare/hurt/kill the DA and stop his investigation into Mr. Boss. But the DA was secretly a zombie and killed his attackers and took their heads because that’s where the brains are.

Max Rager CEO Vaughn Du Clarke is upset, first because it looked like Major attacked someone he said wasn’t a zombie, but then because all evidence pointed to him being one. Major confesses he let him, but only him, go after seeing him hug his son. He also holds grudges on people who write mean Tweets about him or Max Rager and arranges for bad things to happen to them.

Liv takes some brains to the DA, but then Major abducts him, tells him about the “stay frozen until there’s a cure plan” and lets him write out a “suicide note” and leave all his money to his son. Which he had to do because Vaughn threatened to kill a different mean Tweet sender every day until that happened.


Liv runs a background check on her new zombie lover, finds he has a record, but it was because he attacked his mom’s abusive drunken boyfriend, and all seems well.

Mr. Boss gets outed as the guy who sent goons after the DA, by a reporter who gets his brains from Blaine, who Mr. Boss found out worked at the funeral home and wanted the money plus interest for the utopium had never sold after being on that boat.

Liv’s hit by a bus brain gets a memory of being sold utopium by one of Blaine’s dealers and realizes Blaine is the new player in town moving in on Mr. Boss’ turf.


And we’ll end with Peyton moving out of Ravi and Major’s home but continuing to work on the Mr. Boss investigation because there’s more of Ravi being awesome as he tries to convince her to stay.


I like how they’re having all the secrets everyone’s keeping from each other slowly revealed but not all at once, since it keeps the suspense up.


And I’m glad we got more Ravi this week, he’s my favorite character.

What did you all think?