The latest iZombie features some unexpected (by me anyway) twists and more secrets revealed. Here’s the promo for the episode, spoilers after the break.

After finding the buried bodies with balloons of tainted Utopium the night before, we open with Ravi discovering most of the balloons had burst, but there were a few samples one of them managed to not ingest. And from that he first recreates his original cure, thinking it would at least extend Major and Blaine’s ex-zombie life so they don’t die like New Hope.

Major is eager for an injection, but ever the scientist Ravi first injects it in one of New Hope’s clones, to make sure it’s safe. Spoiler alert: it isn’t. The clone becomes the half-decayed type of zombie.

The case of the week involves the owner of a super cheery coffee shop, who goes out to look at some sidewalk art and is killed by a falling air conditioner unit. Which it turns out was loosened on purpose so it’s a homicide investigation.


Ravi was actually first on the scene, as he’s a regular there and has a little crush on the barista who makes his coffee.

The apartment unit where the A/C was loosened has a lock but any realtor or client can get in.


Liv eats those brains and becomes super optimistic herself. In fact, she tells Ravi he and the barista are meant for each other, although he could also set his sights even higher, like say Jennifer Lawrence.

But sadly, it’s just not meant to be as she’s completely wrong for him, and maybe just wrong in general. She’s never seen Star Wars! And thought a Millennium Falcon was a new Ford!


You can do better Ravi (and you have).

There are several suspects, a rival coffee shop owner (played by The Office’s Oscar Nunez) who was also a former partner, Liv’s previous cellmate when she was jail who works there and was accused of stealing cash and was found smoking out in the bathtub of the apartment while “taking a break from finding out who the killer is”, and finally the owner’s daughter and her French boyfriend who turns out to not be French.


The guilty party turns out to be the not really French boyfriend, who works for his mom who is a realtor with access to the apartment in question. He of course did it for the sake of his girlfriend, the victim’s daughter who got sick of her mom’s over optimism and wanted money to go to Paris.


She gets away with it, by telling her boyfriend she loves him and getting him to take all the blame. Then she sells the shop back to her mom’s former partner and takes her money and does what she wants. Nice twist.

In other twists, Liv’s zombie boyfriend who happens to be working for Mr. Boss but secretly selling him out to Blaine has another secret. He’s also an informant for the police, who got him in with Mr. Boss’ crew. And one of the cops is played by Veronica Mars alum (and Elias on POI) Enrico Colantoni. He tells them what he’s learned since they last met, and they mention they’ve seen him visiting the blonde ME and he should end things with her but he’s not going to end the only good thing going on in his life. Also they’re both secretly zombies and it’s hard dating people in different states of life/undeadness.


In another twist, Mr. Boss is alerted to the high possibility that Blaine is the one moving in on his territory, and has his goons abduct him. Since it was after he just had sex in a coffin, and he was playing piano in his boxers, that’s how he gets taken.

Mr. Boss’ goon slits his throat and they bury him in a shallow grave. But apparently being an ex-zombie means you still aren’t easy to kill. But since he’s still covered in the dirt he was buried in, it’s hard to tell what his mental state is. He at least doesn’t eat the group of bird watchers so he may still be human(ish).


And finally, another secret revealed. After seeing what happened to New Hope’s clone, Major goes to Liv’s home to confess he’s the Chaos Killer so she’ll know what he’s been up to if he suddenly drops dead.

But just before he says anything, her roommate, and secret Max Rager VP and more secretly daughter of the CEO shows up. After Liv introduces them with the fake name she knows her by, Major says goodbye to “Rita”, her real name, and one Liv recognizes from some sexts Major got when they were together and she was on paranoia brain.


She finds the lingerie Rita used in a picture to Major, and confronts her and tells her to get out of her home, but she still doesn’t know her Max Rager connection so not all the secrets are out yet.


And that’s it for this week.

What did you all think?

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