On the last iZombie, Blaine had his throat slit by Mr. Boss, or rather one of his henchmen, and then was dumped into a shallow grave, that he crawled back out of, as a zombie. Now we get to see what happens next, and also he and Liv eat some scientist brain. Here’s the promo, spoilers after the break.

Ravi is working on a burn victim for Clive, and Liv eats her brains. She was a scientist, and after eating some of her brain, Liv heads out with Clive to work the case. Which is when Blaine walks in, revealing to Ravi that he’s a zombie again, and could use something to eat. The guy on the bus was so bald he could practically see his brain. So he gets the same scientist brain.

There are 2 main suspects. A former co-worker on a clinical trial in which one of the test people ended up with a lot of facial scarring after trying some acne medication, and the actual person with the scarring. The co-worker couldn’t get any science work again after the lawsuit from that and now works as a pirate and alibis out.


The other suspect, answers the door with her face seemingly fine, which she says was thanks to a lot of plastic surgery so she alibis out. At first. Turns out she’s still scarred, but her twin sister who pretended to be her without the scarring. She killed the scientist because the settlement wasn’t much, certainly not enough to make up for having to care for her scarred twin after that incident. Case closed. On the police side.

On the zombie side of things, Liv gets a flash from the brain and learns she got a job at Max Rager, and was facing down a mindless zombie at some point. That leads Clive and Liv to meet Vaughn, who genuinely had nothing to do with her murder and didn’t know about it, but is still able to be callous and ask his assistant to find a replacement and maybe send a care package to her last known address.

Speaking of Vaughn, Major confronts him after finding out his daughter Rita was undercover as Liv’s roommate. Then he asks if her job was also to seduce him, which once again throws Vaughn off who didn’t know she was sleeping with Major and isn’t thrilled about it. And when he sees her black eye, from Liv, assumes it was major and goes on a bit of a Rager, to the Max.


After he’s calmed down, he gives Major some more names for his list, complied from checking for big purchases of tanning cream and hot sauce. Liv takes a page out of Rita’s book and changes her look and uses her current science knowledge to apply as the victim’s replacement, where she learns that there’s a secret basement. Vaughn claims all places have one for secure R&D purposes, probably even Fischer-Price. But it’s really a zombie room to test how much of a boost they get from Max Rager.

On the zombie cured, then back to zombie, then dead front, Ravi is still running tests, and then Liv’s new brain helps provide a suggestion. One Blaine also gets, having eaten the same brain, when he shows up to see if there’s been any progress.



The buffer seems to work on the test rat so far, so Ravi gives him an emergency shot to use in case he actually starts dying. Blaine, not being a total monster despite being an actual monster, gives his two boys the list of Seattle’s zombies to keep them fed in case he dies, and tells them to bury the utopium for now, so they don’t cross Boss, who thinks he’s dead and it’s better that way for now.

He also has a meet with Major, who’s zombie senses tell him Blaine has turned back, meaning they both have less time than they thought. The from the list that Blaine wants him to prioritize is Drake’s, who he thinks sold him out to Boss, but really he didn’t know about the plan to go after Blaine and just wasn’t able to warn him.


Major grabs him as he’s about to meet Liv for a date. Liv had gone full scientific method and snuck a phone into his car to track where he goes. She sees him visit his mom, sees the bar he works as a bouncer at and that everyone knows and likes him there, but then sees he works for Mr. Boss. Then before he shows up to meet her, gets nabbed by Major, who drives off just before Liv goes outside.

Clive and Dale call their FBI guy about some more brains they found and then find out his real report indicated human brains, not cow brains like the one Liv faked, so they’re getting wise to things too.

Then Vaughn and Rita head down to the basement to see that zombie on the new Max Rager drink can run pretty fast, and even faster when given a shock, but it breaks loose, and Vaughn escapes up the elevator which closes on Rita, who later shows up in his office clearly scratched and/or bitten, before walking off as she turns.



Vaughn seemed troubled by what happened to Rita, even though his first priority is still himself. Maybe he’ll cooperate to find a cure instead of just killing zombies? Or she’ll end up on Major’s list.

I’m not sure having Clive know about zombies would be the worst thing. They’re going to need someone in the actual PD to help cover it up to prevent panic, and Dale can lend an FBI helping hand with that too.


Ravi and Blaine need to interact more. Well, Ravi and everyone else really.

Loved all the pop culture references, including in the comic panel intros for each scene.

What did you all think?

ETA: since the title put the song in my head, time to pass that along.

(gifs from livmoore.tk & rocktheholygrail, on tumblr)