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In the name of love (yep, got the song stuck in my head, and misery loves company). On last night’s iZombie, the various stories continue to move forward at a pretty quick pace, even tying in Liv and Clive’s case of the week, and providing Liv a chance to team up with Peyton. Here’s the promo, spoilers after the break.

Since I’ve spent a chunk of my work day reading other people’s recaps of other shows and commenting, and also work stuff, I’m just going to list out the big happenings.


Gilda is a zombie after all, and still has a key to Liv’s place. So she gets in, finds some brains in the freezer, but can’t eat them because they’re frozen, and before she can heat them up, gets sedated and taken, presumably by someone her dad sent by her dad’s big scary security dude (thanks Pontifex!).

Liv was in the shower when all that went down and is unaware, but happy to have Peyton back as her roommate.

Peyton gets a call from an informant who also happens to be an exotic dancer who was seeing one of Mr. Boss’ henchmen, and is angry at him for cheating on her and ready to spill everything she knows.

But then she gets killed when a car speeds by and she gets hit hard with a tire iron.

Liv wasn’t planning to eat that brain because the case seems solved, but then Peyton asks her to so she can find out what she knew. Which allows her to visit at the morgue so Ravi can be his usual charming self.


Turns out the stripper was killed by a fellow stripper who was seeing one of Mr. Boss’ other henchmen and didn’t want him ratted out on.


Peyton gets enough from Liv’s flashes to find one of Boss’ drug houses and shut it down. And gets an uncomfortable lap dance from Liv.

The visit to the strip club also allows Liv to run into Johnny Frost, a frequent customer, who she’d previously only met in her mind while on Scott E’s brain. It’s even better than when she only thought she was interacting with him.


Liv also gets a visit from vice, asking about Drake, and eventually visits his mom to find out if she knows where he is. She doesn’t and is worried because he calls her every day, and then Liv spends time looking at old pictures of Drake with her. Which is how she learns he graduated from the police academy and is an undercover officer.

Maybe if Major learns that, he can make up something with Vaughn about Drake telling him as much so he had to let him live or the cops would start looking into it.


Blaine, having taken the emergency cure Ravi gave him, survives, and is even human again, but also seems to have lost most of his memory. He even calls Don E. “Scott E.”, although as he rightly points out they do look alike. Major made the same mistake just week ago.

Speaking of Don E., after hearing about the raid on Mr. Boss’ utopium stash, he decides it’s time to make use of all the utopium Blaine had him hide to stay on the down low. And he has his big friend scratch him so he can be a zombie and harder to kill.


Speaking of Major, Ravi finds out he has a safe in his room that he’s very secretive about. Which is actually kind of normal if you ask me, it’s a safe for hiding valuables. And why would you share a safe with a roommate? Even one as cool as Ravi? That would mean 2 people knowing the combo.

Ravi sees an article about the Chaos Killer (aka secretly Major killing zombies for Clark DuVaughn, and also secretly prioritizing the list with feedback from Blaine), and notices one of the victims has a dog that looks exactly like Minor (because it is).


So he does some checking around and breaking into the safe and discovers that Major is the Chaos Killer. But before Major can explain that other than the first few victims, he’s not killing them, just freezing them until Ravi figures out the cure, he turns back into a zombie. Which is where the episode ends.


With the way this zombie cure story is going, a city full of cured zombies who don’t remember being zombies isn’t the worst thing that could happen.


Major really needs to thaw out Drake, and then just tell Vaugnh that he woke up early and mentioned being an undercover cop, so he let him go to keep the cops from getting too close.

Vaughn totally sent someone to abduct his own zombie daughter, but will he still have her working for him, used as a test subject, or just kill her?


I think this episode might be the first time we see Dale and Ravi interact. Since Ravi interacting with anyone is good, they should do so more often.

I hope the season ends with Minor back at Major and Ravi’s apartment.

Hats off for having the strip club playing Poison’s Talk Dirty To Me playing instead of the more obvious and cliche Motley Crue’s Girls Girls Girls.


What did you all think?

(Gifs from dailyizombie.tumblr, more in the comments)

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