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iZombie 2.17: Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be

Lots of stuff happening on iZombie, leading up to next week’s 2 hour (!) finale. Let’s just get to it. Here’s the promo, spoilers after the break.

At the end of the previous episode, Ravi was confronting Major about being the Chaos Killer, then tranquilized him just as he turned back into a zombie before he could explain himself.


So now he gets to explain himself. After waking up, Major tells Ravi he’s really more like the “Chaos Kidnapper” in that the zombies are all just on ice, to be thawed out when Ravi perfects the cure.

He also gets to explain that Max Rager knows about the zombies and that they’re at least partly responsible for them and have been forcing Major to clear them out to destroy evidence, identifying potential zombies through large purchases of hot sauce, hair dye and tanning cream, and then using Major’s zombie-sense to confirm. And that if he didn’t do it, they’d just kill everyone on the list, starting with Liv.

Ravi is very understanding of that explanation and reasoning (take note other CW shows, like Arrow) but wants to tell Liv. Until Major argues that if she found out, she might act on it and get onto Max Rager’s kill list anyway, and Ravi agrees.

Speaking of Max Rager, Gilda is sadly now a platinum blonde and being held in one of those cells in the secret basement. Vaughn tells her he’s working on a cure and it’s his top priority...after the launch of their new drink that he just made a commercial for, starring himself.


Speaking of Liv going full on vigilante, she pays a visit to Boss’ office to find out where Drake is, and as seen in the promo, goes into the room with one of his big goons and after a bunch of fight sounds walks out alone. The only part not shown is the secretary going in to check and seeing a bunch of wrecked furniture and the goon laid out on the floor.

At the morgue, Ravi gives Major the last of the super cheery coffee shop owner brain, which perks him right up. He also breaks the news to Liv that he’s a zombie again, which worries her more than him thanks to that brain he just drank (as a smoothie).


The brain Liv gets is of a praise-addicted overachiever college student who was strangled and found in a campus pool by a couple of would-be skinny dippers. Eating her brain makes Liv a lot like herself before she want to that fateful boat party.

Even the case involves other stories as it turns out she was coerced into being a CI for detective Bennedeto who was also Drake’s handler, and he turns out to be running an illegal CI program using untrained college kids. She was trying to pull a utopium bust on another student who also happened to be a coerced CI and knew to look for a wire, which he then strangled her with. Bennedeto was about to take him in, but “Chief” happened to be there selling the utopium he and Don E. were now in charge of, so he knocks out the detective and then kills the student CI and leaves the scene.


During the course of the investigation, Bennedeto mentions to both Liv and Clive that he’s getting close to the utopium supplier but the last CI said something about zombies so he’s still not quite there.

Clive reports Bennedeto to internal affairs, who isn’t happy about that and warns Clive “someday you’ll need backup, lets see how quick they show up”. Which gets Clive to sign off on the background check Dale Bazzio had requested as a step to get him in the FBI, where he’d have at least one fellow agent who really likes him, and he’d be more appreciated. Plus, once the chaos killer case is closed, she’d have to leave.


And that’s not too far away since the dog groomer that Major had taken Minor too shows up and identifies him by name as the guy who had the dog who belonged to one of the Chaos Killer’s victims.

The reason he and Don E. are now running a utopium den out of the basement of the funeral home is that Blaine has no memory from before taking the experimental cure Ravi gave him. He’s been pushed aside and told to just stay upstairs and sell funeral arrangements, and is horrified to see people eating brains and packing drugs.


He visits Ravi at the morgue who ends up filling him in on all the horrible things he’s done.

And then Ravi tells him everything...

After that, Major shows up, and is suspicious Blaine is faking. But he has an idea of how to be sure and take care of another problem. Scratch Vaughn DuClarke and then inject him with the cure. Either they prove Blaine is faking his amnesia or maybe Vaughn will turn into a nicer person too.

Major shows up at Max Rager, syringe in hand, but then Vaughn’s security shows up and his whispers seem to indicate they found out about Major’s freezer full of not actually killed zombies. When Vaughn suggests they talk in the secret basement, Major seems to think that’s a good place to get him, but as he goes out the door, he’s swarmed by FBI, lead by Dale, and cuffed just as he starts to go full on zombie mode.



So much happened! Major’s only alibi for not killing all those people is saying they’re zombies and they’re really just frozen. Not good. Not sure he can even point the finger at Vaughn without mentioning zombies as the motive.


Quick thinking on Ravi’s part when Clive asks why Blaine is visiting the morgue. He tells him he showed up before to promote his funeral home and mentioned having memory problems and he might not know any other doctors anymore.

The only thing left to happen now is for Clive and Dale to find out that zombies are real and some are also selling utopium, but the real bad guy is Vaughn.


What did you all think?

(Gifs from DailyZombie.tumblr, more in the comments)

And since the title made me think of this song, here’s the version from The Naked Gun 2 1/2.

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