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iZombie 4x02 "Blue Bloody" Reaction Thread

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In which Liz becomes a rich entitled, slightly racist old lady. The season started with a run of the mill but in a weird world episode, and it did a good job of setting up a bunch of the new rules of this new order. We’ll see how the mythos gets expanded tonight.

Info: It’s a real-life game of clue for Liv (Rose McIver) after she eats the brains of a despicable dowager and must determine which one of her disgruntled servants killed her. Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Bozzio (guest star Jessica Harmon, “The 100”) are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship. Meanwhile, circumstances place Major (Robert Buckley) and Liv in opposition to one another. Rahul Kohli, David Anders, Aly Michalka and Robert Knepper also star.


It took me a week to react to the first one, I hope I can watch the second one way sooner than that. This show is just awesome.


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