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So two weeks ago, Marvel got into a bit of hot water when J. Scott Campbell’s variant cover to Invincible Iron Man #1 was revealed and it looked like this:

A lot of fans saw this as needlessly sexualizing a 15-year-old girl and the choice of J. Scott Campbell to do a variant cover itself was an odd one, as he is more well known for his “cheesecake” designs than for doing any realistic body proportions. For an artist like Campbell, doing a cover using a character like Black Cat, Psylocke, Emma Frost, or even Mary Jane Watson seems fine — those are all adult characters who use their sexuality — but a cover of Riri Williams, who was still a young teenager was not.


Moreover, Campbell responded on Twitter that he was “sitting this SJW whine-fest out,” not the calmest of responses. His other response was only that he was trying to portray her as “sassy” and not sexualized.

Thankfully, he came up with a much better response today:

As you can probably tell, this image of Riri is so much better than the original cover. She is not only in a better pose that doesn’t sexualize her, but her pose also shows a kind of innocence as she hugs the Iron Man suit to her chest. And while the original looked like it was simply a generic “sassy” design, this one has a lot more specific detail, like the earphones in her ears and the screwdriver in one hand. All in all, this seems like it would make a much better cover than the original. (It’s also missing the weird proportions on the arm the original had.)

So what do you guys think?

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