Welcome back to another Friday Open Thread, where we all talk about our plans for the weekend and vent about the week.

This week I’ve largely been enjoying watching through the Flashpoint boxset I mentioned on last week’s Open Thread. Now for those who may not now the show is a Canadian police show that follows a SWAT/Negotiation team handling a variety of calls, including but not limited to people angry at banks, gang robberies, and people with mental illness. Not only is it a very good show that focuses on the characters but it also has another quirk due to the Canadian acting scene in that a lot of well-known Sci-Fi alumni make guest appearances on the show.

Just from Stargate SG-1 alone you have Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) as an international drug runner who comes for revenge against a team member’s sister, Colin Cunningham (Major ‘Danger’ Paul Davis) who plays the overlooked younger brother of the team leader, and JR Bourne (Martouf) playing a member of the illegal gambling scene who owes a mob boss big time. Outside of that you also have Aaron Douglas (Galen Tyrol, Battlestar Galactica) who appears as an ex-cop with a vendetta against the team’s Sergeant.

The main cast themselves also have Sci-Fi pedigree amongst them, with Enrico Colantoni (Galaxy Quest, later also playing Elias on Person of Interest) as Sergeant Greg Parker and the original Pink Ranger herself Amy Jo Johnson as Constable Jules Callaghan.


So this leads me onto my topic for the day which is what shows have you guys noticed a large number of famous Sci-Fi actors cameoing on? As usual feel free to talk about your day or plans in the comments below.