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JaegerCon 2013: Details about the deleted scenes!



1. If you were a Jaeger pilot, which Jaeger would you choose and who would you want as your co-pilot? - Question By Gabriëlle


Del Toro: CHERNO ALPHA and I would want my wife or Ron Perlman as co-pilot. They both know all my weaknesses and flaws.

2. Did you keep anything as a souvenir from the shoot or if you didn’t, what would you want to keep? - Question By Libertinem

Del Toro: I kept several things: concept models, concept paintings, drawings, props- like Mako’s red shoe, one of Hannibal’s shoes, the “spine” connective hardware, a Russian helmet etc

3. What, for you, was the best or most memorable off-screen moment while you were working on the film? - Question By Star


Del Toro: The WHOLE shoot was like that. This is the film I have enjoyed the most. I was full of joy and working hard!

4. So many reviews and commentaries have pointed out how Pacific Rim sparks a Saturday morning cartoon-flavored glee. Do any of you have favorite childhood shows, stories, or movies that this experience reminded you of? - Question By ThisNewDevilry


Del Toro: Of course! That was the WHOLE point of the film- to be a time machine for those that want to go back to that time- I did- and to go back to my Tetsujin-28-Go days or my Ultra days (Ultraman or Ultraseven) or Space Giants or many many others! I am grateful for the adults that jumped in and were able to go back in time with it but I am even happier about the kids that saw it. This film and the Hellboy films are meant for new generations of monster / mecha fans and not meant to be nostalgia exercises.

5. What do you think it is about Pacific Rim that made it gain such a dedicated fanbase in such a short amount of time, instead of simply fading away like so many other blockbusters do after their initial release? - Question By nerdy-newton


Del Toro: The repeat viewing factor has been insane. I have never- and I mean, never- received so many emails and notes and phone calls from people just saying how much they loved it and how they had seen it up to 6 times the first weekend. Outside of the USA is the same thing- people that connect with it go over and over again.

6. Is there anything that just didn’t make it into the movie that you really wish had been there? Any little bit of backstory or piece of dialogue or visual or anything like that?


Del Toro: I removed about 45 minutes of story / plot. I wanted to keep the film under 2 hours if possible. As it is, it sits at roughly 2:02 plus credits. But everything we removed was because I wanted it gone or because it slowed down the film. Some scenes will make it as deleted scenes in the disc but not many.

7. Was there one scene that, when you watch the movie, makes you especially happy? A scene that you were thrilled to see make it to the big screen?


Del Toro: The entire first reel, the entire battle for Hong Kong and Mako’s drift back to her childhood.

8. I don’t know if you want to play favorites, but I am sure the fandom would like to know! Do you have a favorite Jaeger, and a favorite Kaiju?


Del Toro: Cherno and Leatherback- both are clumsy and heavy and adorable.

9. Pacific Rim is an incredible homage to the Kaiju movies that have come before it. Was there one scene in particular that was a tribute to those films?


Del Toro: Obliquely, the opening scene evokes my memory of seeing War of the Gargantuans. BUt I try to honor Tsuburaya, Honda, Narita, Nakajima, Go Nagai- without quoting them. Just evoking the spirit of fun and faith they had in their craft.

10. This is not a question so much as it is a thank you, from all of the fans of Pacific Rim, for giving us something new and original to immerse ourselves in. It means so much to this younger generation of movie-goers to have something not only original, but characters and a world that we can see ourselves in. Thank you again!


Del Toro: It was entirely my pleasure. In a world of complex, neurotic hatred I wanted to create something sincere and simple with a technically complex film. I wanted to tell a tale of heroism and hope and trust that kids could see and dream of. Adventure films were always inspirational for me growing up. I love Pacific Rim with all my heart and I thank you all for loving it back.


OHMIGOD. DEL TORO answered my question!!! *dies*

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