Take it with a grain of salt, considering the source, but amctheatres.com is reporting that James Marsden is set to revise his role as Cyclops in the upcoming Days of Future Past.

That brings the total mutant count to, I dunno, a million, in the mutant extravaganza? Do you guys think that anyone besides Hugh Jackman will get any screentime in this one? I think the only ones from the main cast they've left out are Jean Grey and Frasier Crane. I've got pretty high hopes for this one as X2 remains my favorite from the series and I think Bryan Singer can handle an ensemble cast pretty well, but it's starting to look a little bloated from where I'm sitting. Especially considering the inclusion of Quicksilver revealed yesterday.

Also: Joss Whedon just confirmed Quicksilver will indeed be in both DoFP and Avengers 2.