Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

...by Max Wittert, fine artist and illustrator who had been covered by io9 before when he made some amazing X-fashion couture designs. Max occasionally ventures into comics, and this dig skewers the alleged Anglo Privilege of mild nebb Scott and his douchey needball girlfriend Jean. Additional pages follow.


I hope he continues to plumb the uselessness of the X-family. I died my ass off laughing at his comic Skinny Girls, which is a nuanced smackdown of the fashion industry and vain models ala America's Next Top Model (I get it 'cause I watched it for two seasons during college, don't hate... and I know a couple models. It ain't a thing trust me). Comics aside, his fine art and commercial work are stunningly beautiful. He has a distinct delineation and sort of analog retro-futurism which is haunting. He does design some genius fashion designs in my eye, which isn't too withered.

Go for the X-loathing, stay for the neat artistic vision.

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