Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Jean and Scott are tepid yuppies in this comic sendup...

...by Max Wittert, fine artist and illustrator who had been covered by io9 before when he made some amazing X-fashion couture designs. Max occasionally ventures into comics, and this dig skewers the alleged Anglo Privilege of mild nebb Scott and his douchey needball girlfriend Jean. Additional pages follow.


I hope he continues to plumb the uselessness of the X-family. I died my ass off laughing at his comic Skinny Girls, which is a nuanced smackdown of the fashion industry and vain models ala America's Next Top Model (I get it 'cause I watched it for two seasons during college, don't hate... and I know a couple models. It ain't a thing trust me). Comics aside, his fine art and commercial work are stunningly beautiful. He has a distinct delineation and sort of analog retro-futurism which is haunting. He does design some genius fashion designs in my eye, which isn't too withered.

Go for the X-loathing, stay for the neat artistic vision.

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