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Jezzies made me cry. Can someone tell me I’m not crazy?

I wouldn’t normally come here just to complain about Jezebel, but after reading all the responses to a post I made over there, and I’m literally in tears over it. Here’s the link to the original post, but if you don’t want to wade through the entire thread, I’ve extracted just my posts below. Am I really an insensitive asshole as all these Jezzies claim?

I'm an extremely pro-choice woman, but I am astonished by the responses you've gotten so far. I really didn't think there would be this many women jumping in to say, "I was giddy after my abortion!" I thought everyone would agree with your assumption that it is a heart-wrenching decision no matter what the circumstances. This thread makes me sad.

It just seems like people are much more callous than I would have imagined. And it fits in with the conservative narrative that women who get abortions are just carefree, "consequence-free" people who are willing to callously end lives for their own convenience. I always thought that was just a conservative myth.

I define "extremely pro-choice" as: I support legislation to make abortion legal and affordable for all women. I wasn't aware that I also had to feel a certain way about abortion in order to call myself pro-choice.

I don't demand that you feel a certain way. I am just surprised and saddened to find out that's the way a lot of women feel. And what you quoted was my re-cap of the conservative narrative, not a reflection of my own beliefs.

I was recapping the conservative narrative with that line, not citing my own beliefs. I was just saying that the responses to this thread fit in with that narrative.

That's a fair perspective. And thank you for giving me a calm and thoughtful response rather than attacking me.

I find it weird that everyone is now accusing me of being "not truly pro-choice." I support legislation to make abortion legal and affordable. Is that not enough? Do I have to swear an oath by some kind of abortion dogma in order to be acceptable as a true follower of the abortion way of life?

I am not saying that women should feel guilty about it. I am not demanding that other people experience any particular emotion. I just assumed they would feel something rather different from a desire to be "giving high fives in the waiting room," as one commenter put it. Apparently it makes me a terrible feminist to say so, but I find that attitude odd and off-putting.

No one used the word "giddy," but they did say: "I wanted to high-five everyone on my way out the door of the clinic" and "I had a harder choice in deciding where to go for dinner afterwards." I was never trying to say that women should have any one particular reaction, but those posts did seem to be taking the whole thing pretty lightly.

Thanks for being so civil. I would like to try to understand all the things people are saying here, but at this point, I'm having a hard time even gathering my thoughts about it, because I can't believe the level of hostility here.


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