Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

As you know(by the three threads about it), there is a storm a coming about the whole Harley suicide panels that may happen in her #0 issue(which is kinda the origin of the character like they did last year with the other comics).

Well, Jim Lee tweeted about it and gave some examples about "context".
Here is the link with most of the tweets.

Now, I think Jim is trying to say that all of those panels may be thought bubbles, but the problem here is that the announcement of those panels were not directly mentioned as such.
So instead of blaming the people who read the announcement and went "the fuck is wrong with you, DC.", he should instead talk to the marketing teams about how they should be working on wording each thing they promote better, instead of constantly fuck up(like the Lobo image).

So here is the Devil's Advocate deal I am gonna give the people at DC:
1)They release a new statement explaining that Harley doesn't actualy die, cause this is an origin type of story.

2)They say that these panels are thought bubbles, and technicaly kinda screw up the "big shocker"moment.

3) The person who is choosen to do the panels, can change the last panel to whatever they want as long as it goes with the theme(and I know it is suicide).

Now, if DC can't work with these concepts....What the fuck is wrong then?
I really don't understand this at all. They really are just getting bad press, just to get press.

I love you DC, but tou really have to put yourself in the shoes of your fanbase and think "Why did we actually do this, and for who?".


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