Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

In response to the increasing measel outbreak, on Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel decided to take on the anti-vaccine crowd on his show with a message. He spoke about it for a bit. Then there was a message from doctors about vaccines.

(NOTE: Breaking Bad Spoilers in video.)

Shockingly, some people haven't responded so warmly to this. Quite a few people have yelled at him for being against autistic children, clearly not knowing that one of his children is autistic. He's decided not to back down though, as can be seen in the sketch from Monday:

There is also a bit about two children's choice crusaders who ask children to decide between a vaccination needle and a lollipop. (Spoiler: Lollipop wins.) I didn't find this part quite as funny.


And this has been your Jimmy Kimmel Vaccine update.

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