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Jinxe's Podcast Pick? The Message

It feels like 30 rock coming to life: GE podcast theater is putting on a sci-fi podcast. It’s meant to, according to Podmaster’s article on it, sell the idea of the GE brand.

“I’m not selling T-shirts or other consumer products. I’m selling an idea of a brand. I’m selling the concept of GE and what we bring to the world, in terms of science and technology and being a digital industrial company and what that means,” Goldberg said. “In order to do that, you have the ability to do greater storytelling.”


Nicky Tomalin is a woman with a degree in linguistics who decides she wants to do a podcast on these codebreakers who are her heroes, the Cypher Group. Her request coincides with one from the NSA to decode an alien message that has been stumping people for seventy years:

On July 21, 1945, Officer Marvin Weller was monitoring wartime transmissions for Fleet Radio Unit Pacific at Station Hypo in Hawaii when he heard a message. But it wasn’t a typical transmission, it was something different, something that would come to be known as The Message.

The Cypher Group, to try make sure the NSA isn’t bluffing on plans to declasiffy this, brings Nicky in to do this podcast.

There has only been one episode so far and I find it genuinely interesting. So far, I haven’t seen anything that tells me about the GE brand. If there was anything in the first episode it was extremely subtle or I just completely missed it. The actors are really good and the story is interesting enough that I’m going to stick around for now. And they have said that if they get enough people listening, they’ll do more podcast stories.


Hopefully, it won’t turn out to be a mess, like Jack Donaghy trying to talk about Product Integortion.

A link to the podcast site (As just searching for The Message gets you to a ton of Bible sites.)

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