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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Jinxe's Podcast Picks: I got my Flu Vaccine edition (Sawbones)

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Sawbones is actually a pretty entertaining podcast. Dr. Sydnee McElroy talks about the history of medicine and explains it mostly to her husband, Justin, who sort of plays the funny (the dunce) everday man who hasn't ever heard of this stuff. It's a pretty interesting dynamic and it's actually fun because you can tell that the two love each other.


Most of the time the history makes you cringe, such as when they talk about strapping live chickens on your bubos (AKA underarms and groin area) as a way that was used occasionally to combat the plague. The episode on vaccines is extremely different and instead mostly explores the way that medical history actually got it right. A big part of talking about vaccines is small pox, as that was really what lead directly into vaccines.

It's a pretty enjoyable fourty-seven minutes. I honestly suggest listening to any of them. Jinxe Note: Though not while eating (it's medical, medicine can be gross) and I still cringe a bit about the lobotomy episode. It's especially great if you enjoy history, learning, or just feeling super glad that you're in the 21st century.

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