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Jinxe's Podcast Picks: Ring in the new year with a Revolution

Revolutions is a show that goes, surprise surprise, into the history of revolutions. Each season it takes one revolution and goes into it and with it’s first season, a few years ago, it hit the ground running. No... not the American revolution, it was the English Civil War.

I have listened to one and a third seasons. Mike Duncan has a good voice and shows a deep understanding of the situations. Plus he’s pretty funny, especially when dealing with things such as the fact that the Britain has a thing that makes their histories a bit confusing: the lord system.


His second season, which I am currently starting, is on the American Revolution. The third goes into the French Revolution. And the current season, which is airing now, is about Haiti and then will go onto Simon Bolivar and Gran Colombia.

I highly suggest listening, it’s great way to learn more about revolutions.


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