Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The Spaceboffins are discussing what is really cool about the SLS, both the mixing of new and old technology, as well as the size of it. During this they do give a brief moment to talk about how there might be ways to inspire more people to get more excited.

If you've ever listened to Naked Astronomers, you'll know that they're very into showcasing artists who mix space and their art. This time they have Simon Barraclough who is publishing a book called 'Sunspots' that has 121 poems about the sun. He was(is?) an artist in residence at Mullard Space Science Laboratory. He reads a few of poems.


The most exciting part for me was their discussion about the new mission to Mercury from Europe and Japan next year. Bepicolombo will launch in July 2016 and they go and see how preparations are going for that. There is even a bit of discussion on how Messenger has helped them figure out some things that they want to learn.

All in all, it's a pretty exciting episode. You can tell that the Spaceboffins are in awe of all things science. It's why I love the podcast so much. It gives me hope for our space future, especially with things like Ted Cruz can make things seem rather nerve wracking for NASA.

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