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Jinxe's Podcast Picks: Talk like a Pirate edition

Happy Talk like a Pirate day!

There have been many pirates through history. From Francis l'Olonnais who supposedly ate the heart of his enemy, Sir Francis Drake who was a state-sponsored Pirate or even modern-day Somali pirates who are responsible for giving us movies about their holding a ship hostage. None of these are my type of pirate. If I had to pick, I would go with Blackbeard, who used legend and showmanship to get people to do what he wanted.


Blackbeard was part of what is called the Golden Age of pirates. Recently, there has even been a series that's so loosely based on a non-fiction book called The Republic of Pirates that I was surprised it was produced by NBC and not Disney. Still, because of the airing of this series, Radio West with Doug Fabrizio re-aired an episode where he speaks to the author Colin Woodward about the book and his article 'The last days of Blackbeard' for Smithsonian. It makes for a fascinating read and a fascinating listen.

Still, my favorite podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class also has an episode about Blackbeard. It goes into his history and also takes a moment to talk about the archaeological study of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Both, or either, are excellent to listen to and will put you in the mood to act like a swashbuckler.


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